Eso x Huages


Huages ​​joins the magic of ĖSO, for a holistic and spiritual awakening. A chamomile oil with CBD, to cherish body and mind.

This formula with chamomile extract, has many benefits: Chamomile is the plant ally of well-being and relaxation.

Used for centuries at bedtime for its calming and relaxing effects, chamomile is thus associated with the evening, sleep and calm. Now is the time to connect to your inner resources: physical or spiritual.

Chamomile is also rich in apigenin which has anti-inflammatory properties, associated with those of CBD its effect is amplified. Ailments, menstrual pain, muscle pain following a sports effort can be relieved. Nice discovery!



A concentrated 15% CBD oil with coconut oil and organic chamomile extract. Organic MCT Coconut Oil and Organic Chamomile Extract – Hemp Extract / Broad Spectrum CBD: 1500 mg (15%). Our formulas are 100% natural and made in France.

The benefits of CBD

  • Allows you to relax instantly and durably.
  • Effectively relieves ailments (migraines, menstrual pain, etc.)
  • Works for better quality sleep
  • Aids in concentration
  • Contributes to muscle relaxation after exercise


  • Directly orally, by depositing a few drops under the tongue. The sublingual route allows rapid action: the blood vessels present under the tongue directly absorb the CBD. The first effects of CBD can be felt between 5 and 30 minutes after a sublingual intake.⁠
  • The oil can also be applied to the skin locally on the face or muscle of the body before massaging.
  • You can also mix it with a care cream or in your culinary recipes!


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