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Specialities: Astrology
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1h

  • Natal Theme: Child and Adult
  • PsychoAstrological Consultation

The encounter with herself that she wanted to transform as a possible encounter with others, to show through the tools available what is in each person.

After 15 years of teaching, she finally listened to Heaven and gave free rein to who she really is. It is through meetings, (with wise Buddhists, Hindus, yoga teachers, therapists …) training, (traditionalist, humanist astrology …). University studies Master Psychoanalysis, Religious Sciences and Digital Communication thereafter. That she had the idea to create MOH21 for a serious approach, but one that does not take itself seriously. Personal and professional optimization via Spirituality, Psychology and Esotericism. Trendy & Accessible. Spirituality in all its forms.

Custom Optimization. Professional and Spiritual. Astrology – Analytical Psychology Tarology – Numerology

All themes combined: emotional, professional issues … various projects.


2 types of consultations:

Natal Theme: Child and Adult

  • Including the Astrological birth chart.
  • The Psychoastrological Profile,
  • Birth and Annual Number.

PsychoAstrological Consultation

  • Profile analysis.
  • Optimization of present and future situations by analyzing transits and aspects over 3 to 6 months.
  • An energy draw to receive a personalized orientation. Tarots or oracles.

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