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Specialties: Mediumnite
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1 hour
Contents: Psychography

Tifenn-Tiana was born with a gift of medium. She has always communicated with the spirits, in particular through psychography (automatic writing).

Thanks to this technique, she transcribes the words of your loved ones. The session then takes the form of a conversation, of which it is the intermediary. You will keep the transcript at the end of the session, precious tools because sometimes certain words become meaningful over time.

She is also a fortune teller and uses the Marseille tarot and Ryder-Waite & Smith to accompany her flashes and intuitions. She has a very personal vision: to enlighten today to better support tomorrow. In order to approach the future with more arms and serenity, she answers all your questions and accompanies you on the emotional, professional, material or health level.

She is also the author of the book Sortilèges, Pour Révéler Votre Féminin Puissant, published by Leducs.

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