Face reading

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Specialties: Clear voyance
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1h30
Contents: Face reading

Face readings are a ancient Chinese wisdom and a deeper healing form that are built upon the energy of the five elements, the balance of yin and yang and the flow of these energies through the Univers. Our true essence, mind body and soul are just energy and are changing all the time.

Understanding the story of your face allows you to let go of old energy ́s and patterns that weigh you down so you can make space for a more Blissful life.

A face reading is useful if you are looking for change in in any part of your life. When you can really see your face you will begin to accept who you are in new and profound way. You will begin to allow yourself to be, have and do all that you have ever wanted and dreamed of on your terms and in alignment with your soul and the energy that is uniquely you.

Hanna is intuitive and a spiritual guide and holds a safe sacred space so that you can heal. The aim is for you to see things clearly on your own—this way, you will discover that you have always had your own innate magic inside you.

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