Clear voyance

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Specialities: Clair voyance, tarologist, logotherapist
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1 hour
Contents: Card Drawing

“Enlighten you to move forward”

At the age of 8, Virginie receives an unusual gift, the Persian Tarot from Mrs. Indira. His family bequeathed to him his taste for metaphysics, the sensitivity for myths and extra-sensory faculties.

Listening to the Word and existential concerns for more than twenty years, her personal and professional journey led Virginie to propose an integrative approach to the Tarot, in its dimension at the same time philosophical, initiatory, therapeutic and divinatory.

She is passionate about “taking care of Being, of the meaning to give to life, to her life, to her projects” to build the future as close as possible to each person’s personality.

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