Feng Shui and Chinese astrology

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Specialities: Feng Shui and Chinese astrology
Type of session: remote
Duration: between 1h and 1h30

  • 1h30 session (191€) for a general analysis what I advise for a first session (personality analysis, destiny analysis, time analysis)
  • 1h session (105€) for a follow-up and to address specific topics in depth & selection of favorable dates (works, wedding, moving in…)
  • 1 hour session (80€) for a monthly follow-up over one year for an in-depth personal development work.

Bioenergeticist, expert in Feng Shui and Chinese Ba Zi astrology which were transmitted to her by Moune Jans (Feng Shui Master) from La Yap Cheng Hai Academy and geobiologist (Stéphane Cardinaux, Regina Martino), Nathalie has a plural and holistic approach to places of home and people.

Nathalie also followed the teachings in sound therapy with Philippe Garnier (Sage Academy), Tibetan karmic numerology with Christine Beaudoux and reading oracles as well as a certified Coach training specializing in change support (the French School of coaching from which she graduated) allow her to stay as close as possible to everyone to lead and operate the transformations in the depths of each being.

Chinese astrology or Ba Zi allows you to discover what fate has in store for you which is akin to discovering your DNA: you must first find the code and then be able to read that code.

Destiny has nothing to do with fate: events are not set in stone! Rather, it is a matter of possibilities which in turn relate to that of Affinity: it comes down to making the appropriate decisions that will help you achieve certain goals or avoid certain pitfalls because it is by our choices as our life takes shape.

It is possible for us to know ourselves better thanks to Chinese astrology which uses the date of birth in order to analyze our possibilities and our potentials and thus to determine if a moment is favorable for a change of career, an association, to find a new home. , make an important decision …

It is possible for us to know in part our destiny thanks to the astrological chart which allows us to guide us towards the best choices to activate the luck of the sky which we call the Astrology of the four pillars or Ba Zi.

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