Intuitive theme reading and analysis


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Specialities: Astrology
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1h
Content: Intuitive theme reading and analysis

Daughter of painters, she grew up expatriated in India in Tamil Nadu in Pondicherry then in Bangalore. Having become polyglot following an international education, these years of expatriation marked her construction and greatly transformed her understanding of the world. After studying drama and computer music in undergraduate years, she began her career as a visual and musical artist under the name Velor Modular in 2013. Signed on the English label CR2 Records, his work excites critics across the Channel and I receive praise from media like The Guardian, The line of the best fit, XLR8R …

She started studying astrology in her teenage years. The fascinating mix of history, mythology and science that makes up this symbolic language has come to satisfy his creative appetite. The influence of the Hellenistic and humanist teachings of Chris Brennan, Robert Hand and Jan Spiller, to name a few, led her to specialize in her practice.

Astrology provides a map, the birth chart, which like a compass guides us in our unique trajectory and gives us the timeline for each stage of our life path.

The environment in which we operate and the choices we make constantly guide different aspects of our psyche and influence our overall well-being. This is what our star charts reflect. Ideally we all seek to become the best version of ourselves and the role of the astrological advisor is to help the consultant integrate this inner vision.

This approach expands our perspective on our personal life cycles allowing us to be mindful, purposeful and in tune with our own path. So we can begin to harness our energy, cherish it, with direction and purpose, taking responsibility for finding lessons and opportunities in everything we do.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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Lecture intuitive simple, Lecture avec analyse

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