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Specialities: Human design
Type of session: remote
Duration: 2 hours
Contents: Guidance human design

Mélissa is a Human Design guide.

Human Design is a self-knowledge tool based on our birth information (date, place and precise time). It gives us our energetic DNA.

We were all born with a way of functioning in the world that is truly unique to us. Knowing your Human Design allows you to receive your very own user’s manual and equips you with concrete tools to use daily.

Decision making, relationships, communication, wellness, vulnerabilities, strengths and more, a session covers a wide range of topics and enlighten you wherever you are on your self discovery path.

Certified by an American school, Melissa’s approach is simple, sweet and positive. She uses her Human Design knowledge along with her vision of spirituality to share with you information that you need to learn again who to simply live as your authentic yourself.

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