Clear Voyance


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Specialties: Clear voyance
Type of session: remote
Duration: 30 min or 1 hour
Contents: Card Drawing

Thanks to a modern approach to clairvoyance, far from the clichés we can make of it. Her consultations combine clairvoyance and coaching to obtain a guidance accessible to all.

Whether you need to shed light on a situation, help on the eve of an important decision or simply to take stock, her intuitive abilities give answers to your questions and the support of her cards allows you to see more clearly.

Grace gives you the means to reach your personal goals.

From an early age, she learned to draw cards by watching her mother. Passionate about esotericism, she relies on her knowledge of the Tarot to give people who come to consult her the benefit of benevolent advice and very personalized guidance.

Tarot is not about reading the future, it is about building it!

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30 min, 60 min

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