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Specialties: Coaching
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1 hour
Contents: Coaching for professional success, couples, deprogramming and reprogramming the brain to succeed in life, neurolinguistic programming, weight loss.

A graduate of the Bocconi Business School and a Master 2 in Luxury Management at ESSEC, after 4 years of career in fashion marketing, Ilaria realizes that her post does not fully fill it.

She follows her inner voice and leaves for an “existential trip” of which she has always dreamed: for 6 months, a spiritual quest leads her to a monastery of Buddhist monks in the Himalayas where she teaches English and contributes to village activities for 2 months (without water or electricity), then in India and Southeast Asia to learn acupressure techniques, Ayurveda and finally, become a yoga teacher.

During this solitary period, conducive to introspection, she gradually reorganizes her life around the principle of “mindfulness”: a natural state of consciousness, anchored in the present, learned through exercises of intense meditation and positive thought, to turn all obstacles into opportunities, to become a conscious author of his own life.

Ilaria then begins training in neuroscience and cybernetics (HCS School) – which follows the principles of the American Palo Alto School and NLP – in order to better understand the functioning of the brains, of our conscious and unconscious, of human potential, to help the Planet to think better to feel better, because we are the simple result of our thoughts.

Ilaria then launched in May 2018 its company “HappyHealthyIla”, a set of wellbeing solutions: yoga teaching, meditation, workshops in human cybernetic and neuroscience to learn how to use your thought constructively. Her activity finds its apotheosis in well-being retreats that she regularly organizes in the heart of nature, in authentic and very high-end places, to offer a break of beauty and comfort to her customers and a deep reconnection with oneself and with the others, in the present moment, in full state of consciousness.

– coaching for professional success
– coaching for couples
– motivational coaching for personal success
– deprogramming and re programming of the brain to succeed in life
– NLP brain language techniques (neurolinguistic programming): learning to speak better to yourself and to others to be effective and get what you want
– coaching to lose weight: mental and physical (nutrition + yoga + motivation)

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