Clear voyance

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Specialties: Clear voyance
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1 h
Content: Card Drawing

Great intuitive from an early age, Sixtine quickly became interested in the mysteries of religions in an attempt to find explanations for what she felt. She then studied Kabbalah, Sufism, Hinduism, Christian hermeticism…

It was at this time that a medium predicted that she would do the same job as her. Sistine, artistic director, does not really believe it but a few days later she meets Alejandro Jodorowsky who reads her the Tarot de Marseille: it is the revelation of a vocation.

These cards are familiar to her, they speak to her, she knows then that it is with this initiatory tool that she will guide the people who will need them. His approach is intuitive, philosophical, and psychological. She combines her consultation readings with proposals for holistic practices to support the session, to experiment in her daily life, to make the invisible more tangible.

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