Clear voyance

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Specialties: Clear voyance
Type of session: remote
Duration: 1h
Contents: Tarot card drawing

Hanna is an intuitive and highly sensitive person who taps into your energy, emotions and physical symptoms.

As a psychic, she can read your souls energy and also see your possible future. There are many possible outcomes for the future, so it ́s up to you to choose your life and what path you gonna take. Hanna is here to hold a light to help you navigate that journey.

Hanna have been intuitively reading cards for more than 15 years, and she have helped many people with their life transformations, business and relationships. She is a spiritual guide and holds a safe sacred space so that you can heal. The aim is for you to see things clearly on your own—this way, you will discover that you have always had your own innate magic inside you.

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