Clear voyance


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Specialties: Clear voyance
Type of session: remote or by email
Duration: 20 min
Content: Runes draw

“Secret writing, whispered secret”

Coming from Norse mythology, the Runes are the components of a very ancient alphabet called Furtak.

This divinatory tool allows you to reveal the influxes of your immediate future, the developments to come, without neglecting to take stock of the past and what this generates for you on a daily basis.

Céline alias Séléné, like a compass, a lantern, invites you to question the Runes to know your future, your future and everything that can help you move forward.

She has this knowledge thanks to the gifts transmitted by her ancestors. Her kindness and open-mindedness completes the reading of the Runes to bring you complete and precise answers. Bringing light to the uncertainties of life, like an outstretched hand, its authenticity will seduce you.

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20 min, 40 min

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